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Melody Dolman journey (Love Notions) and a shirt dress dream comes true.

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I have made the Melody Dolman from Love Notions several times already and this time, I made a new creative idea come to life!

All the details are in the Love Notions website where I am the guest blogger today. To see all the details of the shirt dress I made using the Melody Dolman as a base and all the extra details required (pattern pieces and colorful photo instructions), and all the styled photos…

head over to the blog post HERE.

Happy reading and here is a sneaky peek!

The video on my channel is a sew and tell format and also offers more inspiration for other little details that could be cool too.

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  1. Hello Karina,
    I have always loved this style of dress and was ever so pleased to see your version, I immediately bought the pattern through your affliate link because I am anticipating your khaki green version as my first thought was this would lovely in green. Thank you again for great content.

  2. I recently bought this pattern and was searching for a shirt dress hack.. this led me to your blog. Beautiful to know this hack is possible. Gorgeous. Thank you for all you do.

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