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8 COMFY Allegro bottoms (Love Notions): skirts, shorts & pants.

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The Allegro Bottoms from Love Notions is a pattern for woven fabric that includes so many options, that you could make 100 garments from it many times! In this post, you can see multiple versions I have made, both skirts, pants and shorts.

Features of the Allegro Bottoms

A you can see in the above photo, there are a multitude of versions for pants, shorts and skirts. Lengths, types of hems, pockets….The common feature for all is the comfortable pull on waistband with elastic inside and a drawstring.

The pattern was updated a year ago. What changed from the previous version of the Allegro Bottoms? Firstly, the sizing, from XS-3XL to numeric sizing 0-32. Secondly, the ease on the back leg has been reduced a tad. Thirdly, the rise has been raised slightly. A jogger option has been included. In general, tweaks to perfect the already great pattern.

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Best fabrics for the Allegro bottoms

Designed for light to medium weight woven fabric. Good examples are: linen, cotton/linen blend, chambray, lightweight denim, rayon blends, cotton poplin, bottom weight crepe. Knit fabric could also be used but sizing down would be necessary. In that case, I would use a yoga waistband instead.

The fabrics I have chosen to make all my versions are: Linen, crepe, light denim and 100% rayon. All with great results.


As you can see, the Allegro Bottoms pattern is available from sizes 0-32 US and a maximum hip circumference of 59.5″. The size is chosen on the FULL HIP measurement. The waist is roomy and has about 10-12″ of positive ease that is brought in with the elastic. The finished waist will need to be able to pull on over the hips. The intended fit is semi fitted at the hips and thighs and then taper to the ankle.

Depending on the size, there will be 2-3″ of positive ease at the hips. This is my preferred amount of ease for pants, so yay!

I think it’s amazing that thigh and calf measurements are provided because our legs are built so differently and having this information would make blending between sizes easier and takes the guess work out of the picture.

I made a straight 14 for my skirts. The skirts have approximately 1″ extra ease at the hips, compared to the pants/shorts as it’s an A line style. The finished skirt lengths provided alerted me that I needed to add 3″ at the shorten and lengthen line to achieve the intended length above the knee. I am 5ft 8″ and Love Notions drafts for a woman that is 5ft 5″, plus, more of my height is from my waist down to my feet, having a shorter torso.

Video all about front slash pockets & a yoga waistband hack

All the styles have optional Slash pockets and the pants/shorts, back patch pockets. I have filmed a detailed tutorial with up close sewing footage on my channel. This video shows the older version of the Allegro bottoms, but the sewing technique does not change. Have a look below for this practical sewing content full of tips.

I prefer sewing the pocket bag with lighter fabric to reduce bulk, I will never ever skip the under-stitching AND top stitching for a clean look and very well tucked in pocket bag. Fusing the edge of the “slash” will keep the pocket stable while sewing and while being worn, preventing it from stretching out and unsightly gaping.

I have sewn prints in all my versions and have not used the back patch pocket option. I would add them if I were sewing a solid, but that is rare for me!

Video about The waistband

The waistband is slightly curved and has a finished width of 1.5″ or 3.8cm. A 3 1/4″ elastic will fit inside well. There are suggested lengths for the elastic according to the size. I prefer to try the elastic on my body and chose what feels comfortable. I have filmed the whole process for you to see in my video on my channel. You can see it below.

I am an avid FAN of a nice yoga waistband. It’s a great COMFORTABLE alternative to the traditional waistband with elastic. My preferred fabric for these is a heavy cotton/spandex that is 15oz/yd square, and composed of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. The higher spandex will give it great stretch and recovery. It is totally possible to stretch it to meet the waistline of the pants, shorts or skirts. There is no need to put an elastic inside the yoga waistband. To see how to cut, measure and sew this type of waistband, see this video from my channel.

Let’s see them all

These are the pants and shorts I made last year using the older version. I made a size large for both. The pants are cropped length and the shorts have a 9″ inseam. They both have front slash pockets.

Flower print Allegro pants

Cropped length
Love this Linen print
You can see the faux fly and yoga waistband hack
Comfortable fit on the back and thighs

Recently paired with my red Harmony blouse, also Love Notions. I love this colorful combo, but know it’s a little bit “extra”. To see more about the Harmony, I have a video on my channel you can see HERE.

9″ inseam Allegro shorts in crepe

I love these! the print is very my style and they are comfortable and are easy to dress up. I like this modest length and would not make them shorter.

Allegro maxi skirt

This is made with the older version in 100% rayon. I had not made or worn a maxi skirt or dress in 20 years and it’s always been a style that is harder for me to wear and feel normal in… for subjective reasons that don’t make any sense at all. Personal style is very personal and I’ve always worn my skirts just above the knee. Last year I turned the BIG 4.0 and decided to step out of my comfort zone and make this maxi skirt. I love the print of the fabric. I had to lengthen the long skirt version by a large amount for it to maxi “almost to the floor”.

The skirt is pretty and fits very well. I love the longs slits on the pattern. I tried to feel good wearing it and wore it out a couple of times… always feeling very strange. Silly I know. I will not be making maxi anything again, I think. It’s just not for me.

Flowery Allegro skirt

This is my tester version, no hacks and sewn following instructions properly. I chose a bottom weight crepe that has beautiful drape and the happiest print ever. I had to lengthen the skirt by 3″ for it to be above my knee. The pocket bags, inner waistband and drawstring are made with contrast lighter fabric. I filmed the process of sewing the waistband on this skirt and the video is in this post.… above. You can also see the skirt on there ๐Ÿ™‚

This skirt actually makes me so happy! I love everything about it and know it will be worn so much.

Allegro skirt with faux placket hack

This version was made after the pattern test, so a little hack is all good. I had a small piece of light weight grey denim and was obsessed with the idea of a top stitched version. I had to add a sneaky center front seam and decided to cover it with a long piece of fabric that looks like a button band. A few big buttons and BOOM, a different look with the same fit. I used a yoga waistband for this one. You can see exactly how I did this EASY hack and see it on in this video.

Same maxi skirt, but with ruffle hack

As seen before, the maxi style was not one that makes me feel comfortable and the skirt was not being worn. I have been known to refashion my own me-mades before! I love the fabric and being a maxi skirt, there was fabric there to play with. I cut it to have a high-low shape and used the bottom left over fabric to cut the loooong ruffle.

There some cool tips you can see in my video to be able to do this, easier than you think, even with a straight hem too. Watch how to do this in this video.

I am so much happier now knowing I gave the Allegro maxi skirt a second life in this new style. This is a simplified version: no pockets and a yoga waistband. Comfortable, flowy, has the right length for me and the ruffles and shape of the hem make this skirt very my style. I would only do ruffles in very light fabric like this rayon. I am generally not ruffly and would never add them to my upper half or sleeves, but on a hem… YES.

Another linen flowery pants

These are the latest pair of Allegros I made and I love them. The print is bold and happy.

Navy pants with tummy control hack

Having already a pattern ready with all the fit changes I needed, this was all about the fun. I decided to create a front pocket that goes all across the front. From the outside, you can’t see the difference, but you can FEEL it! In navy, this is a staple for me and I needed some solid pants.

Terracota linen pants with patch pockets

I love this color but it’s hard to photograph. It looks red, but it’s brick color… I have a few fabrics for tops that will match this color perfect. I used patch pockets I had created fo this pattern in the past.

Summary of the Video content available on my channel featuring the Allegro Bottoms.

  • Overview & review of the pattern
  • Waistband sewing technique
  • Faux button band hack
  • Ruffle hem refashion
  • Video Look-books for three skirts

  • How to sew slash pockets: all the steps.
  • How to easily draft & sew your own yoga waistband to put on pull on style skirts & pants.
  • Fitting adjustments
  • Cute front patch pocket hack
  • This is the finale of my LETS SEW EASY PANTS SERIES on my channel
  • Motivation for persisting with fitting
  • 2 new pairs in Linen
  • EASY tummy support pocket hack
  • Sewing tutorial, general construction

This is the type of pattern that will take you a long way and that you will want to make over and over….

So many options to have fun with the Allegro Bottoms pattern. You could make 20 garments and they would all be different if all the options are mixed and matched.

**The Allegro Bottoms is the Feature Friday pattern for April 22nd of 2022, and is only $5. A Steal! Get yours HERE.**

DISCLAIMER: I was provided the pattern without cost, as a pattern tester, in exchange for sewing a muslin, providing feedback on instructions and fit. I Purchased my own fabric for all these projects.

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