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Sewing pyjamas … Guaranteed fun. Tranquil nightwear collection (Love Notions).

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I have to confess that I have never been a pyjama person. I mean to say that I don’t sew them or buy them and my entire family is the same. I sleep in any knit garment that is comfortable. Sewing pyjamas can be fun and the design of this pattern motivated me to make some for myself. guaranteed

Enter the Tranquil nightwear collection! The design is so beautiful and the options many. I couldn’t resist and made myself some pajamas!

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Features of the Tranquil collection

The Tranquil nightwear collection is a collection. There is a nightgown, a shirt with short or long sleeves and for the bottoms, long or shorts.

What they have in common are the cute little curved overlapped details on the hems of the long sleeves and long pants.

These overlapped details can be finished three different methods and notions:

  • Fold Over Elastic
  • Pico trim
  • Self made knit binding

Best fabrics for the Tranquil pjs

Drapy soft knits are best for the Tranquil collection. I would not use heavy structured cotton, French terry or Ponte roma.

I chose a black rayon spandex with white polka dots and because I didn’t have fold over elastic or pico trim, I made red binding with scraps of rayon spandex. The trio of black, white & red is a classic favorite of mine. Envisioning the final look was VERY EXCITING!

Sizing discussion

Looking at the body measurement chart, I made size Large, blended to XL at the hips for the long sleeve top. I use the standard bust option.

For the pants, I made a straight Large because zero ease at the hips is ok for me, especially for rayon spandex pajamas.

Personal fitting

Love Notions drafts patterns for a 5ft 5″ height and I am taller at 5ft 8″, so length adjustments are common and made 100% of the time.

I added 2″ on the sleeves and 2.5″ for the pants, and it was a good call.

Sewing considerations for sewing pyjamas

  • The pattern uses 3/8″ seam allowance
  • The two front pieces are cut once each, in a single layer and doing it with the fabric right sides up.
  • The first steps involve the shoulder seams. I added some fusible interfacing on the back shoulder seams to stabilise and strengthen them.
  • The neckline looks like its a wrap style but its a smaller piece behind the larger piece that is sewn on after doing the binding, trim or FOE (fold over elastic.) The small piece has a 3/8″ overlap behind the larger piece.
  • The overlapped detail on the hem of the sleeve is sewn in the same way as the detail on the hem of the pants. They are just different sizes.
  • The size of the binding pieces are in a chart for each piece that needs it and for each size. Lots of pieces in different lengths, but the same height.
  • The pants don’t have a side seam! It’s one big piece. The front and back crotch curve are sewn first and then the inseam. Voila!
  • The top of the waist of the pants are folded under with the elastic sewn in. I had an open mind about the fit of the rise on the pants. I did not have muslin fabric to check the fit here. When I tried the pants on, the fit was amazing, but the rise was short, especially at the back. This is normal for me. I have a longer than standard rise. I decided to whip on a yoga waistband on to sort out the rise length issue.
  • The yoga waistband is 6″ smaller than my waist and in the same rayon spandex. I would normally NOT make yoga waistbands with rayon spandex, for outer wear… they would fall!! RS does not have the strength or recovery, BUT, for pajama pants, its all ok. Comfy and loose fitting. To see how to sew a yoga waistband, see the video about the Allegro bottoms HERE.

Sewing tutorial on my channel on YouTube

To see a full video review, how to sew the contrast details with binding and to see the garment on…. visit my video on the channel:

Let’s see them made!

I am extremely happy with my fancy pjs! they are so nice, I’d be happy to answer the door or collect mail with them on! The neckline detail is everything! The binding and the place that the small front piece is drafted over the bust is brilliant. If it were lower and cutting over the bust, that would not be comfortable or nice.

This pattern is so good that I am actively thinking about the fabrics I could use to make the pattern work for outerwear. Think not pj type prints like polka dots.

I highly recommend this pattern if you want amazing pretty special pajamas. I need to make the nightgown and shorts version too!

Love Notions is having a 40% site wide sale through Friday the 9th of October 2020 at 05:00 CST. Get all your favorite patterns HERE and the pattern for the Tranquil Nightwear Collection HERE ๐Ÿ™‚

DISCLAIMER: I was provided the pattern without cost, as a brand ambassador. I Purchase my own fabric for my projects. My opinions are honest and especially around fit and sewing construction techniques.

I have affiliate links in this post to the pattern company and the pattern. If you click on these links, at no cost to you, I receive a small commission that helps finance my sewing, blog and Youtube channel.


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