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ALL 72 amazing garments made in 2020 with Love Notions patterns.

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Here we have it! The start of a new year and it’s great to look back at the year before. It turns out that I really LOVE sewing with Love Notions patterns and I’ve made a whopping 72 garments in 2020! You can see them all here, the photos, a short description, size and fabric used. Also, all the videos for each pattern. These videos are full of practical sewing and tutorials for your fun. Lot’s of hacks are included too. Let’s hop in!!

At the end of the post, you will find a video with all 72 makes in 58 seconds!

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2 Laundry day tee dresses

The first day of the year started with the Update of the ever popular and FREE Laundry day tee. Now with the full size range XS-5X and a new drafting/testing process. I made two dresses, one for my Sister in law (sleeveless & scoop neckline) and one for myself (V neckline & short sleeves). *Free when you join the Love Notions Pattern Support group on Facebook where you will find the code to get it for free * These are the Specifics:

  • Sister in Law’s: 1″ length added to the skirt
  • Mine: 3″ added to the skirt

My Sister in law in 7 months pregnant right now and she reaches for this lovely fresh dress all the time. Lot’s of room for my new niece in there 🙂 I have worn my dress about a billion times this year, at least once weekly.

In Up Close and Sew Personal you will see:

  • How to add a center back seam to save fabric
  • V neckband step by step in detail!

Rhapsody blouse with neckties hack

The Rhapsody blouse has been and all-time favorite for me and I have made multiples. See my whopping 7 version on THIS BLOG POST. This time I lengthened the blouse to above my knee and added a long necktie on the neckline instead of the small bias binding that the style has originally. I also added a tiny facing to finish the little V on the front on the neckline neatly and easily. These are the specifics:

  • Size Large, standard bust
  • Lengthened the blouse by 14.5”, keeping the curved hem
  • Drafted a little facing for the small V at the neckline and sewed it down
  • Hemmed with bias tape and stitched by hand
  • Sleeveless with bias binding facing
  • Long tie is about 2 yards long by 4” width.

Up Close and Sew Personal includes:

  • Avoiding wrong flower placements
  • Drafting small facing
  • Sewing the front enclosed within the two yokes
  • Drafting and sewing the ties


2 Sonata dress & top hack

The Sonata dress was the first pattern I sewed and tested for Love Notions back in 2018 and it’s always been one of my favorites. I just love that neckline. I had made the facing towards the inside of the dress previously and this time decided to use a linen contrast exposed facing for both my new Sonatas.

I made Size Large with a C cup bodice. For the dress, I used a crepe fabric and made it sleeveless. Then, I took the bodice and eliminated the dart under the bust and extended this bodice to mid-hip length. The bottom edge width of the pattern is calculated by taking my full hip measurement, adding 2” and dividing by 4…. Plus, the 3/8” seam allowance. It’s a lovely woven tee!

In my video, Up close and sew personal includes:

  • Block fusing
  • Lengthening the bodice into a flowy top
  • Trueing the side seams at the hem
  • Step by step: sewing exposed facings

3 La Bella donna tops & dress

La Bella Donna had an update and re-draft later on in the year, but I made 3 versions of the original pattern and it worked amazingly for me. Super easy to sew and fitting really well. There’s something to be said about how easy dolman sleeves are! I made the tunic longer to dress length and added a sneaky front and back yoke because I didn’t have enough of this black and purple ITY 🙂 I made two tops too!

The Tops are size Large and 2” shorter. The dress is Large to XL hips & lengthened by 8”. I lowered the scooped neckline for all of them. There is a detailed post about them all HERE.

ITY plus rayon spandex yoke
Rayon Spandex
Athletic knit, medium weight

In Up close and Sew Personal you will see:

  • How to lower the bust point in a knit pattern
  • How to sew different knit neckline techniques: Binding, band.
  • How I added the contrast yoke pieces


Harmony blouse with neckline gathers hack

I made the Harmony blouse in 2019 and loved everything about it, especially the fit at the bust and upper chest and flowy swing style at the waist and hips. The bust dart on this design offers some hacking opportunities for fun dart manipulation! I transferred the bust dart volume to the neckline to create gathers. There is a facing/casing with a little tie inside. Cool huh? This is size Large with the full bust option. My muslin is a print crepe scrap fabric, and the red is a rayon/linen blend.

See a detailed blog post about this version of the Harmony, plus more photos HERE.

Wearable muslin to see if the neckline looked good 🙂
Love those gathers so much!
Final version with my Allegro linen pants

In Up close and Sew Personal see: How to transfer the bust dart to the neckline & the sewing.

Melody Dolman shirt dress hack

The Melody dolman is one of my all time fave patterns from Love Notions and this time, I lengthened it into a shirt dress and added: skirt patch pockets, bust pockets with flaps and sleeve tabs. Lot’s of lovely top stitching on this blue tencel twill makes this a dreamed dress for me. You can see all the details on the LOVE NOTIONS BLOG where I was a guest blogger for this project HERE. This is a size Large to XL hips.

See the inspiration behind this project and the dress on in my video.

2 Vivace Dolman dresses, Knit & Woven

The Vivace Dolman is a relaxed fit top, tunic of dress that can be made with woven and knit fabrics. There is a different pattern for each fabric type and I have made one of each! I really like the overlapped collar that forms a cool V neckline with an off-set pleat towards the wearer’s left. They are both size Large, in a standard bust. One in rayon spandex and the pink one in chiffon.

Rayon spandex

Up close and sew personal includes how to sew this neckline, the cuffs and the armbands.

Tessa sheath dress, colorblocked & lined

A well-fitting sheath dress can go a long long way in terms of creativity and possibilities for pattern hacking. One of those options is to have fun doing some color blocking. The sky is the limit and this type of hack conserves the original fit and shape of the original pattern pieces. I have made my dream color blocked dress using the Tessa Sheath dress . The main fabric are rayon spandex. I made the dress fully lined and used tricot.

In Up close and sew personal: see the whole process to create the different pattern pieces for the color blocking and how to line it using the burrito method.


7 Sybil Illusion skirts

I made 5 skirts from the Sybil Illusion Skirt collection . This awesome pattern has 7 Comfy knit skirt patterns in one! Pencil, A line, Gored, Swing, Pleated, Swing, Asymmetrical wrap, Dropped yoke with a flounce. I make a size large and add extra length.

Asymmetrical wrap in an athletic knit
Dropped yoke with a flounce in DBP
Lace pencil skirt with ITY lining
Scuba pencil skirt
Ponte roma pencil skirt

In up close and sew personal you can see how to sew these skirts!

Forte dress in knit & woven mixed

Mixing woven and knit fabrics in one garment is not conventional, but when is the sewing I do conventional? I made the Forte dress with a CHIFFON front skirt …. I made all the rest of the pieces with rayon spandex. Cool? Very, he he, come and see this mixing up of fabrics, all in the name of Limitless Sewing.

2 Rhapsody dresses, size update. Little V necklines woven & knit

I’ve made 2 new Rhapsody dresses, one with chiffon and the other with a rayon spandex! This pattern is for woven fabric only, but I was obsessed with the idea of this style in this stripe knit fabric. I made it happen, not without extra work. I am sharing sewing footage of both versions. This is one of my fave patterns of all time. See a detailed post about all my versions HERE.

Rayon Spandex

In Up close and sew personal you can see how to sew the little V neckline binding.


2 Luna nightwear slips, reversible neckline

I used the Luna loungewear collection pattern to make two slips (or long camisoles) in two different knit fabrics and used Fold over elastic for the neckline and straps. I also made them to be “reversible” because they have a V neckline and a round neckline that can be worn front to back interchangeably! Super versatile.

Light swim fabric. V neckline side
Rounded neckline

See how to sew the fold over elastic and neckline in my video 🙂

Constellation hoodie, lined full zipper jacket hack

My constellation hoodie has a full zipper and is fully lined, super neatly and bagged out. You can see how to do these techniques in my video 🙂 This one is Size large in Cotton spandex.

North Star Pullover for my son

My son let me sew for him! This is the North Star pullover in a size M. What a cutie and he let me photograph him too. In the video below you can see how to sew the zipper, neckline and more.

3 Allegro skirts, size updated

I made three cute & very wearable skirts using the newly re-released Allegro Bottoms pattern . I am sharing how to sew the curved waistband with elastic for both the pants and skirts and how to sew simple hacks that give the skirts extra little details. Faux button band and Ruffles are included too. These are size 16 and I needed to add 3″ to the length.


2 Sunday romper & dress

2 comfy knit dresses with woven and knit mix and a bonus cheeky pair of pants were made with the Sunday Romper, The double V neckband is a favorite feature, super pretty! This pattern has a romper and dress version.

See how to sew knit binding and the elastic casing in my video.

Summer basics dress, long sleeve hack

Love the look of a Tank or tank dress but wish it had sleeves? I’ve added sleeves to the Summer basics, a tank dress pattern, and I’ve done it in a simple way! I took the armhole of the Willow wrap dress and transferred it to this bodice… Voila… easy sleeves. This is a size Large and in Rayon Spandex. I had to add length to the bodice.

SeeSee how to transfer the armhole of the Willow wrap dress bodice to be able to use those sleeves on the Summer basics. Also, how to line the bodice.

Boyfriend Cardigan with extra belt

I made the Boyfriend cardigan in a lovely light sweater knit… made a mistake when calculating my fabric allowance and had to cut the band narrower for tit to fit y fabric. It’s a relaxed project and I really enjoyed the shaping drafted into this style. I made a size Large, standard bust. See how to sew this pattern in detail in my channel HERE.

This is a size Large, and I made it shorter than the original length and added mitered corners to the slits.


Ravinia skirt, size updated, tummy support pockets hack

The Ravinia skirt from Love Notions patterns is a comfortable and easy to sew skirt designed for drapey knit fabrics, and there are many options to choose from. I made a short skirt and modified the pocket pattern pieces to fully extend across the front for COMFY TUMMY SUPPORT. This is size large in Rayon spandex. Sew how to sew the waistband and pockets on THIS VIDEO from my channel.

See how to cut and sew a large pocket facing and pocket back that goes across the entire front and feels amazing as tummy support.

2 Rockford raglans: piping hack & lace

Knit Raglan sleeve styles are fun to sew and easy to fit. I made two Rockford raglan tees: a stretch lace one and another cotton one with a sneaky V neckband from the classic tee pattern. Practical sewing footage for both and how one can adapt to different fabrics. Super fun 🙂

In my video, See how to sew the faux binding and lace binding

La Bella Donna. Updated and 5 more!

La Bella Donna top and tunic was redrafted and re-released to improve the size range and include a full bust option. I’ve gotten carried away with this easy to sew dolman style and made many! Cowl, hood, long and short sleeves… color blocking and even a cool lace version.

Cowl neck in rayon spandex
Lined hood in DBP
Front panel hack in rayon spandex
Colorblocking in atheltic knit
Simple in stretch lace

See how to sew the cowl, hood, and all thehacks in my video below 🙂

Vivace dolman without the front pleat

I revisited favorite patterns I have loved dearly and made simplified versions this time. The Vivace Dolman has a center front pleat and I removed it. . These two makes look similar to the original but they were much easier to sew.

Lyric dress in knit rayon spandex, no button down

The Lyric dress is for wovens and I made it with a gorgeous knit and eliminated the button down feature. I used a size smaller to make it with rayon spandex and sewed all the darts as usual. I added a V neckband to finish the neckline and this dress took no time at all to whip up. See the video about this dress linked above with the Vivace dolman 🙂


Allegro Pants

I made the very popular updated Allegro Bottoms . I had made the older version before and from the updated version, the skirts. Time to tackle the pants, friends! I am sharing how to transform the pocket bag into a front patch pocket, sewing footage and fit adjustments that were needed to get the fit I wanted. This is a size 16, I needed rise adjustments and length changes. This is a linen/ rayon blend fabric.


4 Cadence tops & dresses

TOO much FUN was had sewing 4 Cadence tops and dress (Love Notions) and and these are the best projects because we base them on a pattern that is simple and that fits well. Adding little easy details that make our clothes unique and I’m sharing all the tricks. I hope you like this one! Fun dart manipulation, gathers, pleats and ties!

Transferred the bust dart volume to the shoulders.
Added a back waist seam and little pleats on the back only.
Added a wide tie to the side seams
Simple top in an amzing fabric.

See how to sew all these fun hacks in my video 🙂

2 Sloane tops: slit and puff sleeves hacks

I’ve had LOTS of fun playing with the sleeves of the Sloane Sweater and have two COOL ideas to share! One is a ¾ length split sleeve with a cuff and the other a short sleeve that has gathers on the armhole and the cuff. Super fun! I am sharing all the practical footage so that you can try these too if you’d like…. with any knit or woven pattern you want.

Embroidere knit
ITY knit

SSew how to make these fun sleeve hacks in my video.

Tranquil pjs in polka dots

The prettiest pajama design ever! Full of little details I am excited to share. The Tranquil nightwear collection has many options for pjs: short top, nightgown, shorts and long pants, short and long sleeves. **this pattern used to have another name previously** The best feature is the faux wrap look on the front and the overlapped details on the hems. I am sharing reverse binding and sewing footage on how to assemble the neckline and details. Supe fun! And I have my dreamed polka dot pajamas!

In my video, see how to sew the exposed binding, and the overlapped details on the hem.

2 Glissando cropped pants: button to zipper fly

2 pairs of Linen pants to share! The Glissando Pattern includes cropped straight leg pants, shorts and a skirt. I am sharing how to convert the original exposed button fly into a simple ZIPPER fly using the same pattern pieces provided. Lots to see! Along with simplifying the curved waistband and pockets. These could be your first pair of jeans!

Glissando skirt, the classic denim style in linen

The Glissando Pattern includes cropped straight leg pants, shorts and a skirt. I have already shown you 2 pants and now I’m sharing my classic linen woven skirt with lovely details and a few changes. The zipper fly instead of the original button fly, an extra seam and tips on saving fabric.


2 Oakley vests: linen & duster hacks

The Oakley vest was re-released with improved sizing up to 5X and this is a great cold weather pattern with three views. I don’t have winter climate, ever. Does that mean I can’t sew a winter vest? Of course I can! And so can you! With rayon twill and linen!

The simple version lengthened to a duster in rayon twill
The princess seam version made in linen with facings

In my video, see how to add side bust darts for shaping, and how to adapt the pattern to these lighter fabrics.

2 Rockford raglans: cardigan & dress hack

With a perfect fitting raglan knit top like the Rockford raglan you can make 4 views of fun tops & tunics. Having made some before, it was time for some extra fun! The Rockford becomes a cardigan and also a dress! The Rhapsody skirt pieces is the perfect mash for a shorter Rockford bodice. I’ll be sharing all the practicalities of these fun sewing hacks.

Sweater knit is perfect for this cardigan hack
Rockford bodice and Rhapsdy skirt mash

See how to adapt the pattern to make a cardigan, super easy! and how to make a bodice with the pattern.

Terra Tunic

I used to be an avid tunic wearer when I lived in a Country with real winter. I have returned to making a tunic again after a few years and have taken a step out of my comfort zone. I am sharing how to sew the asymmetrical neckline from the cool Terra Tunic. This a size Large to XL hips in an embroidered knit fabric.

In my video, see how to sew this neckline option 🙂

2 Melody Dolman blouses: easier collar hack with a facing

A camp style collar style is beautiful and I’d love to simplify the process for you! This technique does not involve snipping into the inner collar at all and the result is clean and fast. You’ll love it. I made both Melody Dolmans in only a couple of hours. You’ll see the full sewing footage of these collars.

Cotton linen shirting
Rayon/linen blend

In my video, see how to sew the collar in detail and with an easier technique.

3 Breckrenridge henleys: tops & dress

This Henley style is beautiful, unique and the easiest you will ever sew, with striking results. The Breckenridge Henley is for knit fabrics. This gorgeous neckline is easy to sew, I promise! I’m sure you will love sewing it it as much as I have. I made size XL for all of them with a standard bust.

Textured cotton knit
Athletic knit
Rayon spandex

In my video, I am sharing the whole step by step tutorial for this Henley placket.

Serenity sweater: raising the neckline & band hack

I made the Serenity Sweater in a way that will make using it as a single layer possible…. No pin! No cami! Basically, this means raising the neckline easily and adding a neckband. I am sharing all the steps so you can do this too on any wrap top style. This is a size Large to XL hips with a standard bust. I used the free hem band add on and shortened the top a little before adding the band.

In my video, see how to raise the neckline and how to sew an extra neckband.


2 Compose robes: knit and woven

A robe is a great garment to make for your cozy and not so cozy lounging, and it’s also the perfect easy DIY to sew and fit gift to sew for your loved ones. The Compose robe is available for women and kids. Woven and knit fabrics will work and I’ve made one of each! If you are newer to sewing, you will love seeing the sewing footage.

My two robes use lighter fabrics. Not cozy at all! I live in Brazil and it’s always HOT. The black is an embroidered knit, and the print is a satin. I made this one with short sleeves, though it is not an official option from the pattern.

See how to sew both robe, knit and woven. Focusing on the neckbands.

BONUS: I used a regular knit from my robe, so it can double up as a cardigan or coatigan too. The ties are at the back and no one will knot it’s a robe. Paired here with my Sonata Dress and Vivace dolman dress.

2 Vivace dolman dress in stripes

It’s all about stripes today! I am sharing how to match horizontal stripes on the side seams and shoulders with the Vivace Dolman . I’ve also included making dolman sleeves long for winter, step by step and very easily.

See these two things:

  • Comprehensive tutorial on stripe matching
  • How to create a perfect fitting sleeve extension to any dolman pattern

And we made it to the end of the post! I hope this is a cool resource for you to get ideas and inspirations for your Love Notions patterns projects!

Love Notions Site wide 30% OFF sale runs until the 8th of January 2021 at 5pm CST and the bundle discounts still apply. No code needed. Get all your favorites HERE with my affiliate link 🙂

See them all here in 58 seconds!

DISCLAIMER:   I have access to Love Notions patterns as a brand ambassador. I purchased fabric for this project.  I produce sewing content independently from pattern brands and share my unique way of sewing with you.  I don’t necessarily follow instructions rigidly. My opinions are honest, especially around fit and sewing techniques.


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