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Classic comfortable woven shorts. 2 Jakarta shorts (Sinclair Patterns). Yoga waistband.

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The Jakarta shorts from Sinclair patterns are a great classic, comfortable woven shorts style and you can choose between many options for pocket options, waistband and inseam length.

I have made two pairs and you will see both of them in this post, along with practical sewing content.

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Features of the Jakarta shorts

The Jakarta shorts have a relaxed fit and are pull-on. There is a faux fly on the front curve.

On the front there are large patch pockets with an angled opening that are finished with a facing. The back has patch pockets and there are templates for decorative stitches.

You can choose between a narrow or wide yoga waistband and the choice is based on the type of knit you use for the waistband.

Inseam lengths vary according to the height file:

  • Short shorts: 2.5-3″ inseam
  • Medium length shorts: 3.5-4″ inseam
  • Longer shorts: 8.5-10″ inseam

Best fabrics for the Jakarta shorts

You need light to medium weight non-stretch woven fabric. You need to avoid fabrics that drape, like rayon. The waistband needs a knit fabric.

If your knit fabric is light and does not recover well, you can place elastic inside and choose the wide waistband option and fold it onto itself.

If you have heavier knit fabric with great stretch and recovery and spandex content, the narrow waistband will be ok and you won’t need elastic inside.

I chose 100% linen for my black pair and Linen/rayon blend for the navy pair.


There are height files, petite, regular and tall files. Choose the file based on your height first and then your size based on your full hip circumference.

I chose a 14 waist blended to 16 hips, tall file and the longer 10″ inseam option.

There are 2″ of positive ease at the hips. The knit waistband is 85% of the waist circumference.

Personal fitting

I always draw the seam allowance on the side seams, inseams and crotch curves. This allows me to do flat pattern measurements. I have a longer than standard rise and like my pants/shorts to be at my natural waist, not lower, not higher. The difference between my waist and hips is 10-11″ and even if I tried to wear pants lower…. the waist of the pants will hike up to the smaller area naturally, so getting the rise correct is paramount for me.

See the diagram below and visit THIS VIDEO on my channel to see how to do rise adjustments easily. Also, my “Let’s sew easy pants series” will be helpful in your pant fitting journey.

  • Front: I added 1.5″ to the center front tapering to 1″ on the side seam.
  • Back: I added 1″ to the back rise, the same amount at the center back and side seam.
  • You can see that the side seams for both the front and back have 1″ added, so they will match.

After making my pattern adjustments, I made a quick muslin without the pockets to confirm the changes were correct. I was planning to use linen, it’s pricey and I want to be sure of the fit before cutting into the real fabric. You can see below. I was super happy to cut into the real fabric after sewing the muslin.

Sewing considerations

  • The seam allowance is 5/8″
  • The front patch pockets have an angled opening finished with a wide facing that can be top stitched decoratively. It is a large pocket that will fit many items.
  • The back patch pockets have optional decorative templates. I love this because I am not too artistic with pocket designs. I like to determine the pocket placement on the muslin first. There is a reference on the pattern piece and mine are placed 1″ higher.
  • I think a simple muslin without pockets is paramount to check the fit, please don’t skip this.
  • The yoga waistband is easy to sew. There is a narrow and a wide waistband option. If you are using a lightweight knit, the wide waistband will be best because you can fold it onto itself. You may need some elastic inside the waistband if the knit does not have great recovery.
  • I like the narrow waistband because my chosen fabric has great stretch and recovery. It’s 90% cotton, 10% spandex, heavy weight 12oz/square yard.
  • There is a decorative faux fly that is top stitched. I opted out of this option with my navy pair.

The video on my YouTube channel

In the video on my channel, you can see practical content:

  • Overview of pattern pieces
  • Fitting adjustments, muslin fit
  • Sewing the front and back patch pockets and more

Let’s see

Black pair

I took the little tabs meant to be placed on the shorter shorts on the hem and I put them on the back patch pockets. How fun! I love the decoration there at the back. There are small metal buttons holding the tabs flat. I top stitched the faux fly on the front.

Navy blue pair

Again, I used the little tabs for decoration and this time; I put them at the slash pocket entrance. A little button keeps it down. I used a single row of top stitching and chose a military green color. I folded the faux fly away for this pair and the front crotch is just plain.

Final thoughts

I’ve worn these two shorts weekly for the last couple of months. I love everything about them: comfortable; they have the length I am comfortable with. I’m always a big fan of patch pockets and love how big these are. I would make more of these 100%.

The Jakarta shorts are 20% OFF this week, through the 20th of June 2021. Get your HERE with my affiliate link if my sewing inspires you and my content helps you with your own sewing. Thank you so much for supporting my work through my affiliate link.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have a fabric sponsor. I produce sewing content independently from pattern brands and share my unique way of sewing with you, with my own investment of time and resources. I don’t necessarily follow instructions rigidly. My opinions are honest, especially around fit and sewing techniques.

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