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Flat front, elasticated back waistband. Comfy! 2 Poppy pants (Sinclair Patterns)

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The newest pattern release from Sinclair patterns are the Poppy pants and I was a pattern tester. They are designed for woven fabrics and are easy to sew and fit and the best feature is the Flat front, elasticated back waistband. In this post, you’ll see my two versions.

The Poppy pants from Sinclair patterns are available in sizes 0-30US and have height files (Petite – Regular – Tall) and they are 20% off through the 27th of June. Get yours HERE with my affiliate link if my sewing inspired you and the content helps you with our own sewing 🙂

Features of the Poppy pants

The Poppy pants are semifitted at the hips and have a tapered leg. You can choose capri or full length.

There are slanted front pockets on the front and patch pockets on the back. Both are optional.

The best feature is that they are a comfortable pull on style with a flat front, elasticated back waistband.

Best fabrics for the Poppy pants

The Poppy pants are designed for woven fabrics that are light to medium weight and in the graphic above, you can see the recommended types. Other fabrics that could work are lightweight denim and bottom weight crepe.

There is a mention that light stable knits with low mechanical stretch could work also, but I cannot comment because I have never held such a fabric in my hands. I would prefer to use wovens for these pants.

My choices:

For both of my fabric choices, I have already made garments, but do not intend to wear these together with my new Poppy pants.

  • Bottom weight crepe with a navy background and flowery print
  • Medium weight Rayon linen blend with black background and small white features
Causeway bomber (Itch to Stitch) VIDEO HERE
Tropicana shirt (Wardrobe by me) VIDEO HERE


You need to choose your size based on your FULL HIP circumference. The upper measurement for size 30 is 63″. First, you need to choose your height file and you can see them below.

I chose size 16, tall file. There are two inseam options: capri and full length.

The hips are semifitted and there is plenty of ease at the waist because this is a pull-on style.

Personal fitting

After sewing a muslin of the Poppy pants without pattern adjustments, I was super happy with the fit at the back, and the only change I felt I needed was to add 3/8″ to the front rise. You can see the diagram above.

I placed the back patch pockets 3/4″ higher than the reference on the pants. I confirmed this when trying on my muslin. See my muslin below.

If you have not seen my LETS SEW EASY PANTS series on my channel, you can watch it HERE and it will help you with the concepts and techniques you need to customise the fit of your own pants.

Sewing considerations

  • The seam allowance is 5/8″
  • The hem allowance is 1 5/8″
  • The front legs are sewn together at the crotch, and so are the back legs.
  • The front waistband and the back waistband are constructed separately.

The videos on my YouTube channel

I have two videos on my channel that will help you with your Poppy pants.

How to sew the pockets

Here you can see in detail how to sew slash pockets. I also sewed a pair of Poppy pants with a curved pocket hack and this is also included in this video.

How to sew the flat front, elasticated back waistband

You can see how to sew the waistband in detail, including some basic construction of the Poppy pants in the video below along with a pattern review and the look-books.

Let’s see my 2 Poppy pants

Flowery capri length

I love flower print pants, especially if there is a navy background. The fabric for my Poppy pants is light and fresh to wear. I know Capri length is not for everyone, but I have always been a fan. The fit is GREAT front and back and I feel like these are a type of “unicorn pants”. The fit adjustment needed was so minor in comparison to what I needed for other pants.

Black & white full length

I love black and white and I will have these for years! A classic. These Poppy pants are full length and I made a small change to the shape of the pocket entrance to be curved. You can see how to do this in the first video above.

The back patch pockets are always necessary. Even if not to put things inside, they are pretty.

Final thoughts

I want to make some staples: a navy and a black pair and I really want to do the waistband differently: flat front, yoga back waistband with knit fabric. That’s a fun hack I hope to get to sew soon. This is a GREAT PATTERN and the height files make a huge difference to the fitting process.

The Poppy pants from Sinclair patterns are available in sizes 0-30US and have height files (Petite – Regular – Tall) and they are 20% off through the 27th of June. Get yours HERE with my affiliate link if my sewing inspired you and the content helps you with our own sewing 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have a fabric sponsor. I produce sewing content independently from pattern brands and share my unique way of sewing with you, with my own investment of time and resources. I don’t necessarily follow instructions rigidly. My opinions are honest, especially around fit and sewing techniques.

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  1. Dear Karina,

    I love to watch your videos on you tube. I have sewn for myself and others all of my life, but your fitting techniques are outstanding and I have learned a lot from you. I hadn’t revisited learning sewing in many years. I am aging and my body has changed and I needed your instruction to help me improve fit and styling for myself. You are an inspiration. I am encouraging other sewists to check out your videos. Thank you.

    Happy Sewing,

  2. I really enjoyed seeing these made up. So, they are now on my sewing list. That list gets longer and longer!!

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