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Cool square neckband. Glenelly top & dress (Itch to Stitch)

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The newest pattern from Itch to Stitch is the Glenelly top & dress, it’s for knit fabric and I’m sure you will really like this neckline with a square neckband and the raglan sleeves. This design has super special features, and that’s what I look for in knit projects.

The Glenelly top and dress comes in sizes 00-40US with a standard and a full bust option. It’s 20% off through the 28th. Get yours HERE with my affiliate link if my sewing inspires you and the content is helpful for your own sewing.

Features of the Glenelly top & dress

The Glenelly top & dress has fitted short raglan sleeves, a neckline with two corners and the center of the neckline is curved. The top reaches the high to mid-hip length.

With the same front and back pattern pieces, there is a cut line for a shorter separate bodice. The front is slightly higher in the center and curves down to the side seams. The front and back skirt pieces are gathered only in the center.

The length of the skirt reaches the knee but you can lengthen it easily if you like longer dresses. For me, above the knee is perfect.

Best fabrics for the Glenelly top & dress

Above, you can see several options that are appropriate for the Glenelly top and dress. Because the top has fitted hips, I prefer medium weight knits for it: cotton spandex and athletic knits.

For the dress, because the hips have more ease in the design, I would be happy to use lightweight knits.

I made both my muslin and dress with suplex, a medium weight knit.


There is a standard bust and a full bust option available and if the difference between your high bust and full bust circumference is 1-3″, you can use the standard bust option. If your difference is 3″ or more, the full bust option will fit you best. I chose the full bust option.

I chose size 12 bust (full bust) blended to a 14 waist and 16 hip.

Personal fitting

I made the Glenelly top as a muslin to check the length of the bodice. Before sewing the top, I drew the line on the fabric where the bodice would reach with a frixion pen. This way, when I put the top on, I can see if the bodice reaches my natural waist. By doing this, I determined I needed to shorten the back bodice by 3/8″ at the center, tapering to nothing on the side seam.

I’d love to mention that if you are accustomed to making fit and length adjustments on woven patterns, those same quantities don’t apply with fitting knit garments. There is vertical stretch in knit fabrics. So blindly making a bodice shorter or longer can not work out well. My recommendation is to make a muslin with a knit with similar weight and stretch.

Sewing considerations

  • The seam allowance is 3/8″
  • There is some preparation needed with small squares of interfacing where the front corner neckband will be sewn.
  • The center of the front and back bodice needs to be stabilized with a narrow stay tape to support the gathers on the skirt.
  • The front bodice needs to be sewn to the front raglan sleeve with the sewing machine and the seams need to be pressed open. The rest of the garment can be sewn with the serger.

The video on my YouTube channel: Square neckband

In my video you can see a detailed step-by-step sewing tutorial so you can sew this fun square type of neckband too. Check it out below.

Let’s see

Glenelly top

The white background and colors are not my first choice and this suplex is a little remnant I had found with muslins in mind, but after looking at this top for a while, the colors grew on me.

Glenelly dress

I really like the colors of this print and the weight of the fabric. The gathers in the center are very slight and don’t add bulk. I like that and this neckline is so unique and pretty.

Final thoughts

I’d love to make more and have some fun with some small modifications. I’d like to make the neckband twice as wide so that the band turns out twice as wide. The technique would be the same. You can see a diagram of how to do this below. I’d also like to lengthen the sleeve to 3/4 and long.

The Glenelly top and dress comes in sizes 00-40US with a standard and a full bust option. It’s 20% off through the 28th. Get yours HERE with my affiliate link if my sewing inspires you and the content is helpful for your own sewing.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have a fabric sponsor. I produce sewing content independently from pattern brands and share my unique way of sewing with you, with my own investment of time and resources. I don’t necessarily follow instructions rigidly. My opinions are honest, especially around fit and sewing techniques.

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