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Only 4 pattern pieces! Foz Top (Itch to Stitch). Relaxed sewing & a pretty outcome.

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The newest pattern, from Itch to Stitch is the Foz top. It’s a great basic but also not so basic and it fits amazingly. You can wear it on its own or like a cardigan.

The Foz top is 20% off through the 28th of September. Gets yours HERE with my affiliate link if the sewing content I produce is helpful for your own sewing. Thank you 🙂

Features of the Foz top

The Foz top has a V neckline with a neckband and buttonholes/buttons down the front. The buttonholes can also be replaced with snaps. The V neckline is not deep, and you don’t need a camisole underneath at all. You can choose between short or long sleeves and the hem hits the mid hip. It is slightly curved.

Best fabrics for the Foz Top

The Foz top is fitted and you need a stretchy knit fabric with horizontal and vertical stretch. If your fabric does not have any vertical stretch, your top can end up fitting poorly at the upper chest and armholes. In the diagram above, you can see some fabric options that will work. Make sure your fabric contains at least 5% spandex (or Lycra or Elastane).

I don’t recommend very light clingy knits like rayon spandex, bamboo spandex and ITY for this style.

I chose a medium weight athletic knit with great stretch and that I know will not cling to the body.

You will need a small amount of knit tricot interfacing for the neckband. It will be interfaced partially.

Sizing discussion

The size range is great and goes to a hip of 63″. If the difference between your high bust and your full bust is 3″ or more, the full bust option will result in a better fit. So if your sewing cup size is A and B, the regular bust option will be optimal.

In the diagram above, you can see what the intended fit is in regard to ease. There is a little negative ease at the bust, minimal positive ease at the waist, and zero ease at the hips. It is a fitted top. If you prefer a looser fit, I would conserve the original bust size to have a good fit there and then you could blend out on the sides seams to the next size. Ease is personal preference and you can definitively customize that.

Personal fitting

I have multi-sizes for my body measurements. I chose the full bust option, and it’s a great fit every time. I added 5/8″ extra length at the hip shorten and lengthen line. I added the same amount to the neckband. The sleeves have 1.5″ added. I am taller than the drafted height of 5ft 6″.

Sewing considerations

  • The seam allowance is 3/8″
  • The hem allowance is 3/4″ this is great because it is slightly curved and this amount conforms well to the shape.
  • The shoulder seams are stabilized. I love this and it’s necesary.
  • You need to hem the top before sewing on the neckband.
  • The neckband is partially interfaced. Don’t skip this step. It really gives structure to the band and will make the area stable for buttonholes or snaps. You won’t have a stretched out band or a wavy band with this method.
  • Top stitching he neckband will help it lay flat.
  • It’s a top that is really simple and relaxed to put together.

The video on my YouTube channel

In my video, you can see a full pattern review and in my Up close and Sew Personal  segment, you will see how to sew the top step by step. If you are newer to sewing, I’m sure the sewing footage will be helpful for you. I have included how to put the snaps in also. This option can be super fast and easy. This is the tool I use. See my top on in motion too!

Let’s see

This is my leafy Foz Top. I am very happy with the fit and the top feels very comfortable on its own. The wrong side of my fabric is white, so I won’t be wearing it open. My black skirt is a staple, I made the pattern myself from my own measurements. The Foz top can also be dressed down, but i prefer skirts 100%.

Final thoughts

This project was relaxed and enjoyable. Even though it is a simpler style, the pattern has the same top quality drafting and great techniques as always. I really want to make it in a sweater knit with long sleeves so that I can also use it as a cardigan.

The Foz top is 20% off through the 28th of September. Gets yours HERE with my affiliate link if the sewing content I produce is helpful for your own sewing. Thank you 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have a fabric sponsor. I produce sewing content independently from pattern brands and share my unique way of sewing with you, with my own investment of time and resources. I don’t necessarily follow instructions rigidly. My opinions are honest, especially around fit and sewing techniques.

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