ALL 36 amazing garments made in 2021 with Love Notions patterns.

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Here we have it! The start of 2022 and it’s great to look back at the year before. It turns out that I really LOVE sewing with Love Notions patterns and I’ve made a 36 garments in 2021! You can see them all here, the photos, a brief description, size and fabric used. Also, all the videos for each pattern. These videos are full of practical sewing and tutorials for your fun. Lots of hacks are included too. Let’s hop in!!

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Whistler Pullover

I’m glad I made a Whistler sweater. It’s a very unique design with the type of shawl collar that can also be a hoodie. I made the shirt length with a regular hem. You can add a hem band and make it a tunic and even a dress. Fully updated to include the full size range & the full bust option. My front is plain, you also have a gathered front option. This is a green melange sweater knit that is super cosy. I made a size XL, standard bust & added 1.5″ length to the sleeves.

In my video, see how to sew the cool shawl collar and how to assemble the front pieces, including the curved pockets. All nice and detailed.

Margot Peplum “dress”

The Margot peplum has a plain bodice and one with princess seams front and back. I like the princess seams option. This is the second time I make it as a dress and not a peplum. The peplum can be gathered, half circle or pleated. I chose the pleated option and added 12″ to the length for it to be above my knee. I also adapted it to sleeveless and changed the scoop neckline to a V neckline with a V neckband. Some small changes, just for fun. I made a size XL with the standard bust option.

In my video, see how to line this princess seam bodice. This gives the bodice more support, as it’s a very lightweight ITY knit. Lining a bodice makes the feel of the dress so smooth. If you’ve never lined a bodice, you’ll love doing it again and again. I also have a FULL BLOG POST HERE.

Metra Blazer

I really love the stylish look of the Metra Blazer and was really excited to use this heavy stripy mystery knit. I complemented it with Liverpool knit in black for the facings and the faux welt pocket pieces. The lapels can be rounded or have an angle. I will always prefer this type of lapel.

I added 1″ of length to the body and 1.5″ to the sleeves. Mine is XL with the standard bust. I have under stitched the facings instead of top stitching and sewed my hems by hand. See it styled casually and formally. It’ll work for all occasions.

The Metra blazer is an intermediate project and to help you take your sewing up a notch; I have filmed the sewing techniques needed for you to be successful! Welt type pockets, shawl collar, burrito roll and more. Come join me in this extra long video. I also have FULL BLOG POST HERE full of helpful content.


2 Willow wrap dresses

I had made the Willow wrap dress three times before, so being a TNT pattern, it was time to have a little fun with small changes. I made a size Large to XL at waist and hips and added 1.5” extra length to the bodice. This makes the crossover a tad higher. I made my own skirt patterns for these dresses and only used the original bodice.

One skirt is A lined with a small flounce at the bottom and the other is a simple pencil skirt. I did not use the original skirt pieces for these two versions.

See my 2 dresses on in motion in the video embedded below. I also have a FULL BLOG POST HERE. To see how to add length to the bodice, sew the neckline binding and line the back of the bodice, see THIS PREVIOUS VIDEO.

Lotus blossom blouse

I made my Lotus Blossom blouse with a really cool and lightweight athletic knit. I had made another version years ago with a knit that was the same on the right and wrong sides. This time, the wrong side is white. There is an extra step that is possible when the fabric is not the same. This is to ensure that when the front piece is “twisted”, both sides of the front are the right side of the fabric.

I made a size Large to XL at the hem; I blended at the side seams. I also added armbands on the end of the dolman sleeve and changed the neckline to a deeper V and drafted my own V neckband. 

See how to put together the front and pieces and I also have a video that shows how to put a V neckband on anything (included FREE V neckband printable templates).

Boyfriend Cardigan “duster”

This is the second Boyfriend cardigan I make. This time I wanted it extra long. I added 10″ to the longest version available in the pattern. A faux leather jersey gives the look a little something extra cool too. The vents on the side have an overlap hack with a few buttons. The decorative self belt adds a little waist definition on the back.

This is a size XL, standard bust option. I changed the armhole to have more cover as sleeveless and the fabric is a gorgeous purple melange sweater knit. I love this version so much.

If you are newer to sewing, I filmed a FULL SEWALONG for you. See it HERE. In the videos below, you can see how I made all the small changes to this purple version. I also have a FULL BLOG POST HERE.


Rhapsody blouse

This is my 8th Rhapsody blouse! I am hooked on this pattern and have made so many of the options available. This time, I used a special border print 100% rayon and cut it on the cross grain to get the stunning pattern placement.

This is size XL, standard bust and I added 1.5” extra above the waist to account for my taller height.

I made a video for the Love Notions YouTube channel where you can see how to sew this pretty neckline with bias binding. You’ll be able to do it too. To see all my 8 versions, you can see my  FULL BLOG POST HERE 


4 Ballad blouses

You know I love a pattern when I make it 4 times! The Ballad blouse   has gorgeous details on the shoulders: gathers or a shirred panel.  The placket it easy to sew, there is a double yoke finished very neatly inside with a burrito roll.

I added *1.5” between the bust and the waist and used a variety of rayon types for my 4 versions. Sewing the plackets with linen made process much easier too. 

The navy background print version has lengthened sleeves (hack) and the black version has pin tucks instead of gathers.  

I have two videos about my 4 versions. Never tried shirring? I also include footage full of tips and tricks for a neat result. For even more information, I have a FULL BLOG POST HERE.

Cadence top

The Cadence top and dress is a TNT pattern for me and I love adding little extra details to it now that I have customised the fit to my body.  This 100% rayon version has a front yoke hack and a center front piece that is 8″ wider to accommodate 16 little pin tucks. So fun.

New to burrito rolls? I used two layers on the front of this extra yoke piece to get a clean finish. See how to burrito roll on this video on my channel.

On my video, you will see how to add pin tucks to the center front of a top, how they can replace gathers on a pattern.

Presto tunic

This is the second time I make the Presto Tunic  and continuing with the pin tuck fun, I added them to the front inset pieces. This is actually part of the pattern options included in the instructions.

Mine is XL, and I made it 1″ shorter and evened the front hem to be the same as the back hem length. The neckline is finished with self-bias tape and I sewed on the buttons this time! No buttonholes (time crunch).

In my video, see all the practicalities of adding pin tucks in the video embedded with the cadence top and to see how to put the center inset, placket and collar together, the video below shows it 🙂


Luna loungewear: cami, dress & shorts

The Luna loungewear has 5 patterns in one. Cami, dress & shorts.  I made one of each. These are great basics that we actually will wear over and over. All are size XL.

The Cami is rayon spandex with cotton spandex binding finished with a twin needle.

The camisole is actually a dress is suplex with self knit binding.

The Shorts are rayon twill with a Yoga waistband hack (denim look cotton lyra, medium weight, 90% cotton, 10% spandex)

In the video below, you will see basic pant fitting, how to add a yoga waistband and how to sew  knit binding to the camisole or dress. In 2020, I made two slips with the nightgown pattern and used fold over elastic. To see that, see THIS VIDEO.

Lyric dress

The Lyric is a very classic style with a fitted bodice and skirt options and the last time I made it, I was using a smaller size. 

This time, I made a size 16, C cup size  and needed to lower the bust dart by 1” and shortened the waist dart by 1 ¼” . 

The fabric is a gorgeous and flowy Rayon/linen blend fabric.

In my video, I am sharing tips and sewing footage all about fitting a woven bodice that reaches the natural waist. You will see flat pattern vertical measurements and adjustments to help you fit your own bodice. I am making a new size and will adjust according to my current body measurements. You can get a great fit too! To see how to sew the neckline finished with bias tape inside, see THIS VIDEO.


2 Tempo dresses

The Tempo dress was a very exciting process for me because I love this style so much. I really like the wide straps that are very bra friendly and there is great neckline cover with zero gaping.

The bodice has a shirred panel at the center back… super cute and adds all the comfort too. Believe it or not, I have even sewn the inseam pockets this time!

My two dresses are size XL with a standard bust. I needed some length adjustments to the bodice & skirt and decided to fully line the bodice.

See how to sew the inseam pockets with French seams HERE.

I like my dresses short, but you can make yours longer with a second tier on the skirt.

In my video, you will see how to sew the bodice with facings traditionally and also how to line the bodice if you want to use a lightweight woven fabric. All in full detail, step by step, as always. I also have a FULL BLOG POST with more details and photos. 


Terra tunic

The Terra tunic  has a lot of neckline options and I wanted to sew the boatneck view that has facings and an overlap on the shoulders with buttons. Super cute! I used a light sweater knit and cut it on the bias to avoid horizontal stripes.

I made a size XL, and it’s substantially shorter with 3.5″ taken away. I did keep the vents. Tunics are hard for me to wear and this can be a lovely top too. 

In my video, see how I cut my Terra on the bias, some length adjustments and how to sew the neckline step by step. Lots to see. Also… see my other version! The one with the asymmetrical collar in THIS VIDEO.

2 Glissando Skirts

The Glissando has pants, shorts and a skirt in the same pattern. I had already made a brown linen skirt that is a staple. That one has all the bells and whistles. Now it was my time to have fun and simplify the style.

In my video, see how the Glissando was modified to become a COMFY PULL ON skirt with a yoga waistband and front patch pockets. This pattern can be as complex or as simple as you’d like it to be.  With the embroidered denim version, see how to sew the Easiest zipper fly in the world IN THIS VIDEO.  


4 Arlington sweaters & dress

The Arlington sweater is a super cute top with 3 neckline options, 3 length options and 5 sleeve options. Mix and match them all and you could make so many cute sweaters with this one cool pattern for cooler weather. I made 4!, three tops and a dress.

I made size XL with the regular bust option. I added 1” extra length above the bust apex for a custom fit and for the dress, I added 2” to the hip area.

I used stretch suede, ITY knit for a summer top, Polka dot sweater knit and chose the mock turtleneck & cowl options.

In my video, see how to sew the mock turtleneck, cowl neckline, short puff sleeves, stabilizing shoulder seams and how to create a neckband piece for a summery option.l also have a FULL BLOG POST HERE.


2 Breckenridge Henleys

Breckenridge Henleys has a great and easy to sew placket.  it’s a pattern I’ve made three times before in 2020. I wanted a red sweater and a PJ top this time. Depending on your choice of fabric, this pattern can work for so many occasions.

To see how to sew the henley placket in detail, see THIS VIDEO. I also have a FULL BLOG POST. To see my 5 versions, check out the video review I made for the Love Notions YouTube channel below.

Octave coat “blazer”

I have made the Octave coat in 2019 when the pattern released.  Back then I made it as intended, fully lined and with the pockets,

This time, I wanted to make a lighter version and chose linen. It’s also unlined. Because I wanted it as a blazer, I shortened it by 4″.  This is a size XL, standard bust option and I hacked the front pieces to keep the same shape, but there are no pockets in the seams.

There is FREE Wide shawl lapel add-on option and you can download it  HERE.

To see how to sew all the bells and whistles, see my previous video on the Octave Coat HERE. There you will see an overview of the pattern pieces, preparation for the pockets, sewing the pockets and princess seams. Also lining & aspects of the collar and under stitching.

To see how to simplify the sewing and how my linen version came together, see the video below.

Metra blazer simplified

This is my second Metra blazer

I was excited to materialise and idea that I’d had brewing in my mind for ages and it all had to do with fabric choice. 

I chose a heavy scuba crepe that is pretty on the right and wrong side. It also won’t fray.

This version does not have a facing, pockets or hems. It’s all raw and it was so easy to sew.

This is a very simplified way to sew a blazer and you might want to give it a go! There are 1000 steps less. To see how to sew the original version, see THIS VIDEO.


2 Serenity sweaters

I had made a Serenity sweater in 2020 and back then; I raised the neckline crossover so that I could wear it on its own as a summer sleeveless wrap top.  That was fun! Now I made tow more, but for cooler weaher this time.

I made size XL standard bust and shortened the front and back by 2”. I used the FREE hem band add-on and made a neckband that is 85% of the neckline measurement. 

To see how I raise the crossover and add a neckband, see THIS VIDEO. I also have a FULL BLOG POST HERE. To see my two cute versions, see the video below.


2 Tessa Sheath dresses

I made two new Tessa Sheath dress

It’s a pattern I’ve made a few times before and now it has been updated to include the full size range a full bust option.

This is an all-time classic with fun options like front and back yokes and sleeve options.  Mine is a heavy black athletic knit in size XL standard bust. I finished the neckline and armholes with self binding.

I made one for my SIL in Liverpool knit and hers is size small. I finished her neckline with a facing and added short sleeves.

In my video, come and join me for fitting and sewing! To see ALL my version, I also have a FULL BLOG POST HERE.

Presto tunic for my mother

The Presto tunic is so lovely and was perfect for the style my mother likes to wear. The white 100% rayon with embroidery makes it extra special.

I made size large for her with a standard bust. I took in at the hips a tad. The hem is shorter and there are no side vents this time. 

I added a cute little cuff and pleat details to the hem of the sleeve. Just for fun 🙂

To see her special presto tunic on, see the video below.

Whew! that was a lot of sewing! I always repeat Love Notions patterns, not only because all the patterns have many options but also because they are super cute and wearable styles. Once I have done the fitting to customise the fit to my body, it’s also fun to add or take away details too. 

I hope you enjoyed this one click roundup. This can serve as inspiration and as a resource for your own sewing. Happy sewing and happy 2022!

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