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Thomas Track pants (Love Notions). Color blocking & great pockets.

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The Thomas track pants are the newly released MEN’S version of the kid’s Thomas track pants from Love Notions and it’s a great style for lounging and for any type of fun activity. It’s amazing that we can have such a cool style for the men in our life too! I showed the line art to my 15 year old son and he loved the look, so I was excited to make him 2 pairs.

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You can combine the Thomas track pants with the men’s:

Features of the Tomas Track pants

The Thomas track pants are a straight leg style, are pull up with elastic at the waist. There is no separate waistband as the top folds to the inside, making them easy to sew. There are great inseam pockets with a large capacity that are super neat inside (no clipping or raw areas).

You can choose between a simple style or a color blocked style. I chose the color blocked option to have fun and I really love the look of the curved side panel on the front leg and the back yoke.

For an extra detail, you can add a zipper on the side seam at the hem. That would allow the pants to be taken off without removing the shoes. The pants can also be fully lined.

Best fabrics for Thomas Track pants

You can choose from a large variety of woven and knit fabrics. See some options in the graphic above.

I chose:

  • Cotton Lycra, 95% cotton – 5% lycra in red and black for color blocking
  • Cotton Lycra denim look, 92% Cotton – 8% lycra. I used this for the side panel and back yoke
  • Specialty athletic knit, Polyamide and Lycra blend

You also need 2″ elastic, 2 optional 11″ zippers for the hem and optional piping.

Sizing for the Thomas Track pants & fitting adjustments

The Thomas track pants have generous ease as you can see above in the graphic. I made size Large. He is between size L and XL for the hips, but considering all the ease, I sized down as recommended in the pattern instructions. My son is 6ft tall, but his inseam matches the inseam of the pants. The original length is perfect for him. The muslin helped me determine the small tweaks needed for the crotch See below, I removed 1/2″ from the front rise (overlapping) and added 3/4″ to the back rise (spreading.)

Let’s see them all!

Red and black PJ bottoms

I made these Thomas track pants in a lightweight, super soft cotton lycra (95% cotton, 5% lycra) and I combined black and red. I wanted to test the fit of the crotch length before making the pair he would actually wear out. The wearable muslin turned out great! I only made some small tweaks to the front and back crotch, but most importantly, I was able to pin the inseam and side seam on the body to taper in the legs, as per his request.

I’m happy I was able to use this beautiful red fabric. Whilst my son LOVED red when he was younger, now at 15, it’s not a color he will wear out anymore. He loves it for PJs.

Subtle color blocking, tapered leg version

After making the red pair of Thomas track pants, I knew I wanted to taper in from the mid-thigh down to the hem about 1 3/4″ on both the inseam and side seam.

This gives the tapered look and will make the leg hang nicely and not twist. I used the color blocking version also and chose two types of black knits: denim look cotton lycra and specially athletic knit in polyamide. The result is a super cool, subtle contrast that he SUPER APPROVED OF.

They fit me too!

The men’s patterns at Love Notions are drafted for a height of 5ft8″. This is my height and I was curious as to how they would fit me… so I tried them on. A little sneaky of me, but curiosity got the best of me. Sure, they are not my typical style, but they could be! I actually love the look and will probably make myself a pair too, very soon. I would say they would fit a taller woman, not only because of the leg length, but also due to the length of the crotch. It could be a great comfy lounge pant for sure.

The video on my channel

In the video on my channel, you will be able to see the Track pants on and some fun sewing as always: see general construction, the amazing inseam pockets and elastic on the waist in up close shots.

Final thoughts

These are a very wearable pair of pants. I know my son will wear them a lot and I love that I can get lovely PJ pants with pockets and another for wearing out with the same pattern. He prefers a tapered leg and I loved customising the fit to his preference and I love that about sewing. I’m excited to make some shorts versions. My husband would need a smaller size, probably an M and I will plan to make him a pair too.

To make a pair for myself, I think I would size down to an M, while keeping the crotch length of size L. I’d remove the extra length on the waist thats meant to be folded to the inside and i and add a comfy yoga waistband instead. I would also skip the pockets lol.

The Thomas track pants are 28% OFF ($9, regular price $12.50) through April 11th 2022. They come in sizes XS-5X. Get yours HERE with my affiliate link if my content is helpful and inspiring to you. Thank you 🙂

DISCLAIMER: The links to the Thomas track pants in this post are affiliate links. I purchased all the fabrics. I produce sewing content independently from pattern brands and share my unique way of sewing with you. I don’t necessarily follow instructions rigidly. My opinions are honest, especially around fit and sewing techniques.


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  1. So sorry you’re feeling poorly and I wish you a fast recovery. Kudos to your son for posing in his track pants. They look good on you, too. Thank you for all you do, I know there’s a lot of time and hard work behind the scenes.

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