Fall mini capsule using Love Notions patterns: Burgundy & Grey.

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I generally don’t sew with the goal of planning the projects to coordinate with each other at all. I’m all about freedom and sewing what inspires me on the spot. BUT, sometimes, I am inspired to sew a few pieces that will be perfect together. What was my inspiration this time?

My grey Octave coat from Love Notions! I sewed this version last year and made it shorter, unlined and used a free add on that gives you a wider angled lapel. Love it! it turns out that not many things in my wardrobe go with it. To see all about my 2 Octave coats, see THESE VIDEOS. You can see how to sew them there.

In this post, you will see a mini capsule come together during this week. This is a LIVE document and I will be adding the pieces as I sew them. I will be using 4 Love Notions patterns with a total of 7 pieces. I recommend you revisit this blog post during the week to see the new content popping up!

Love Notions is running a fun Fall 40% OFF site wide sale! it starts the 3rd and goes to Friday 7th of October 2022. Have fun shopping and I’d be thankful if you used my affiliate link HERE. Also, use my code Pins10 at checkout for an extra 10% off (even on top of the sale)

Color scheme

My plan is to use grey and burgundy as solids, plus a few prints.

Pattern 1: Aria button down

I plan to make 2 Aria button down in this mini capsule: one with short sleeves and another with long sleeves. See my previous videos about the Aria HERE. There you can see how to sew it.

The first will be a short sleeve version in a burgundy linen/rayon blend (55% linen, 45% rayon). I will probably add a few details like tabs and chest pockets. This will be worn on it’s own or open like a light layer over a cami.

The second will be a “shacket” but not in the traditional sense. I plan to use a grey/white/black suiting. It’s loosely woven and has a nice drape. If the fabric is not enough, I will used grey linen for the collar, placket & cuffs.

Pattern 2: Summer Caye pants

I made the Summer Caye pants more than 3 years ago and I loved it until it didn’t fit anymore. The tulip hem option is just so beautiful! I will use the same burgundy linen as the Aria button down. To see my previous version, see THIS VIDEO. It includes how to sew the tulip hem detail.

Pattern 3: Luna Loungewear

To go under the Aria shirts and the Octave coat, I need two basic camis. The Luna loungewear is perfect! there are 5 patterns in one and the cami is great. I’ve always made the longer version and it’s time to make the classic style. To see my previous versions, click HERE. You can see how to sew them, including the binding.

The print is a rayon spandex that is left over from sewing a Tidal dress a few months ago. This dress can sneakily make it into this collection too! The grey will be a heavier athletic knit. A bit boring yes, but essential.

Pattern 4: Cadence top & dress

The Cadence is a fave and I’ve made all the versions multiple times! It’s a pattern that just keeps on giving and I will make two more. To see all my 13 previous versions, see THIS PLAYLIST.

I will make a burgundy version with rayon twill. It’s almost the same color as the linen… close enough. This one will be sleeveless and it will be perfect under the Aria shirts and the Octave coat. The second one will be a dress and the fabric is an amazing houndstooth in black and grey. It’s a rayon linen blend (13% linen).

The videos on my YouTube channel

To see all my plans, the fabrics in motion and much more, see the video below.

See all the details of the Summer Caye pants… how to put them together including the tulip hem. See all the garments on in motion too.

Let’s see

This is where I will post all the photos and outfit combinations I come up with during this week 🙂

Here is the first piece of this mini capsule! they are the Summer Caye pants and I have paired them with one of my Terra tunics. This top fits in perfectly with the color scheme in this mini capsule.

I love that you can really show off your footwear with this type of hem. The tulip cuff is amazing!

Next, I have thrown on my Grey linen Octave coat & a scarf. I love this comfortable look and if you want, you can wear wide leg pants with a looser jacket too. Let’s break the rules a little.

Final thoughts

I think Love Notions patterns are easy to sew and wear. I find myself constantly reaching for the over and over. Making a pattern more than once is not only const effective, but it can also improve our skills and creativity. Thinking up this mini capsule was fun and relaxing. I highly recommend taking on a mini capsule every now and then.

I plan to keep adding pieces to this color scheme. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors and I’m excited for the sewing future.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have a fabric sponsor. I produce sewing content independently from pattern brands and share my unique way of sewing with you, with my own investment of time and resources. I don’t necessarily follow instructions rigidly. My opinions are honest, especially around fit and sewing techniques.

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