ALL 55 amazing garments made in 2022 with Love Notions patterns.

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Here we have it! The start of 2023 and it’s great to look back at the year before. It turns out that I really LOVE sewing with Love Notions patterns and I’ve made a 57 garments in 2022! You can see them all here, the photos, a brief description, size and fabric used. Also, all the videos for each pattern. These videos are full of practical sewing and tutorials for your fun. Lots of hacks are included too. Let’s hop in!!

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See the accompanying video to this post below 🙂


Maggie Peplum

The Maggie Peplum is the girl’s equivalent to the ladies Margot Peplum. Fun fact: I’ve never made it as a peplum! I’ve always lengthened the pleated peplum option in to a dress. This time, I made 4 Maggie dresses, 2 each for 2 of my little nieces. They were super easy to sew. See my blog post about these patterns HERE. See the playlist for this pattern on my channel HERE.

  • Sizes: 6 and 10 for girls
  • Fabric: Rayon Spandex

Olympia dress

I made the Olympia dress for my sister in law as a gift. She chose the fabric and I think the style is wonderful for her. It’s one of my faves because, even though this is a knit design, there are cup size options and the fit is outstanding.

  • Size small
  • B cup size
  • Added 2″ length to the skirt
  • Fabric: ITY knit
  • Extra steps: the Back has a double layer of fabric

Cadence tops

Some of the first projects of 2022 included 2 special Cadence dress & top for my mum. The style is simpleand the fit is spot on, so here is where the embroidered fabric shines. See the details in the video linked below.

  • Size Large
  • Standard bust
  • I cut the fabric on the cross-grain to use the scallops on the hems
  • Fabric: Borderie Anglaise 100% cotton
  • Lowered the bust dart by 1 1/4″
  • See all the videos I’ve made featuring the Cadence pattern HERE

Fraser Cardigan

The Fraser Cardigan has a curved front shape and curved bands to match! This is great! That means that the look will be perfect: neat and no puckers. You can make it with or without a hood and the pockets will be the easiest you’ve ever sewn. You can see how to sew it in my video.

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust option
  • No fitting changes
  • Fabric: Ponte Roma knit with 30% stretch
  • Regular band option, no hood
  • Sewn mainly on the sewing machine


2 Metra Blazers

The Metra blazer is an intermediate project and to help you take your sewing up a notch, you can learn to sew cool Welt type pockets, a shawl collar with two shape options, burrito roll and more. I’ve made 4 in total and these are my latest.  I love them and have worn them so much this year.

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust option
  • Fabric: Ponte knit print & black scuba suede
  • Added 1” to the sleeve length
  • No pockets
  • Scuba suede fabric (knit)
  • Front piece in a single layer, no facing and No hems 
  • See my Metra blazer playlist on the channel. ALL THE TUTORIALS HERE

Lincoln top

The Lincoln top was a new style for me, but I gave it a go and got surprising results! The unique button plackets on the sides are an enjoyable sew and perfect for those new to sewing. Depending on fabric choice, this can work for the whole year. Mine is sleeveless and took LESS THAN 1 YARD! In the video, you can see how to sew the unique diagonal button placket and plot twist… You don’t have to sew buttonholes if you don’t want to, did I sew mine? I’m also sharing a fun fabric saving layout to get the sleeveless version in under 1 yard of fabric.

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Fabric: Ponte roma Viscose/poly blend, medium weight
  • Sleeveless option
  • Added 1.5” to the length of the top to account for my height difference


3 Game Day jerseys

I made 2 Game day jersey for men for my 15yo son. I think the design is really fun here and lets you have a lot of fun with different fabrics and colors. I used the pattern to make a great PJ top and a special black on black color blocked tee for my son. I also made one for myself using black, red and grey active wear knits.

  • See how to sew the overlapped V neckline HERE
  • Size Large to XL at hips for extra ease
  • Fabric: Cotton Lycra
  • Long sleeve shape from the Dockside polo & Henley tee

See my version of the Game day jersey for women above. I really love the subtle red accents here.

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Athletic knits

2 Thomas track pants

Sewing for our dudes is very satisfying and the Thomas track pants for men are easy to sew and fit and will be perfect for him to lounge and be active in. My teenage son has agreed to model the 2 pants I made him! One is a comfy PJ pant and the other with a tapered leg hack for going out. You can make them with knits and wovens.

I discovered the inseam pocket technique in this pattern to be one of the very best out there! Super neat, no snips, no raw areas yay! Come and see how to sew them, along with general construction and the fold in elastic waist finish.

  • Size Large
  • Removed ½” from front crotch
  • Added ¾” to the back crotch
  • Tapered leg by 1 ¾” on inseam and side seam

Have a look above! these track pants also fit me 🙂

2 Allegro pants

I’ve many Allegro bottoms before and these 2 are my latest. I’ve already worked on the muslin, so with fitting out of the picture, it’s all about the FUN sewing! I created a pocket that gives AMAZING support to your tummy and it’s SUPER EASY TO DO. I promise! I am sharing the whole process with you, so you can do it too.

  • Allegro bottoms playlist on my channel HERE
  • Size 16
  • Rise length and leg length adjustments
  • Across front pocket bag for comfortable tummy support
  • Fabric: Linen 55%, Rayon 45% Medium weight

4 Aria shirts

I’ve made several Aria shirts and if you’ve never made a shirt, this could be your first shirt! It’s packed with MANY options and the ALL IN ONE stand & collar and collar band options are very doable if you are new to sewing. Join me as we put these beautiful garments together on the regular sewing machine. I am sharing lots of helpful sewing content. You will sew how to sew the button placket, back pleat, sleeves, cuffs and so much more.

  • XL
  • full bust option
  • Taken in at the waist and hips
  • 2” longer than the original
  • sleeves are 1.5” longer
  • Fabric: Lightweight cotton shirting, very Lightweight chiffon, houndstooth crepe, black/white linen rayon blend.


1 Aria shirtdress

The Aria shirt also has a shirt dress option. In my video, you will see how to sew an exposed waist casing and side seam vents. The fabric is rayon linen blend in gorgeous purple.

Cadence top and dress

I’ve made 13 Cadence top & dress in total! these are the latest and this time, I used sleeve options I had not tried before. I love this pattern and I know I will make many more.

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Lowered bust dart by 3/8”
  • Added 3” of length to the dress
  • Most of mine cadence tops & dresses have a self bias tape finish for the neckline and armholes . The dress has a facing.
  • Fabric teal version: 100% rayon swiss dot.
  • Sleeves teal version: ¾ sleeve with a flounce
  • Fabric Black print: 100% rayon
  • Sleeves black print: Long bishop sleeves
  • I have not sewn the side vents. I stitched the side seam normally.
  • See this very helpful masterclass on how to sew with rayon HERE

Rhapsody blouse

For the video about this make, I am demonstrating how I pre-treated my 100% silk chiffon at home before making my 9th Rhapsody blouse . We will go over the basic concepts. I’m so happy to share my special blouse! I added a continuous bound placket to the long bishop sleeves… just because it’s so pretty. You can see how to add delicate feature to any sleeve HERE

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Fabric: 100% silk chiffon
  • Long bishop sleeves
  • I used the Aria button down cuff
  • Playlist of Rhapsody videos on my channel (9 versions) HERE

3 Tidal tops & dress

The Tidal top & dress for knit fabrics is a great fitting and easy to sew project. Perfect for beginners and experienced alike. This is a pattern that’s a great scrap buster for those lovely little remnants! The princess seams are a lovely fit & striking look. I am sharing all the sewing construction in my video, so if you are newer to sewing, this content will give you confidence to make your own. I am including the princess seams, neckband and more.

For my plaid and stripe versions, I cut the back piece on the bias for a fun chevron effect. Love that.

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Added 1 1/4” length above the bust height
  • Added 1 1/4” length to the long sleeves
  • Fabrics used: Rayon Spandex & DBP


Tempo “peplum”

The Tempo dress for wovens is GORGEOUS and for everyone! The wide straps make it super easy to wear and there’s no bra visible. It’s a great style to hack into a cute peplum top. I made the cutest little top and am sharing all the sewing details in my video:

  • Interesting layout
  • Princess seams hack
  • Stable neckline
  • General construction with facings
  • Relaxed shirring
  • Shorter skirt to bodice

These are specifics on my project:

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Skirt is 10” long including ½” hem allowance
  • Bust darts converted to princess seams
  • See how to create Princess seams from bust darts HERE
  • See my Tempo dress playlist HERE. See how fitting and how to sew facings & lined bodice, French seam inseam pockets and more.

Lyric peplum

I’ve made the Lyric dress & peplum many times and this time I chose the peplum. It’s a neutral shade and this version can be worn open as a light layer or closed on it’s own.

  • Size 16
  • C cup bodice
  • Lowered bust dart by 1” and shortened the front waist dart
  • Transformed darts into princess seams
  • Linen 55%, rayon 45% blend


2 Saltwhistle top & dress

The Saltwhistle dress & peplum is the most adorable design! A gorgeous square neckline and the hem scallops make it super unique. Comfort is warranted with the elasticized waist, yes! I’ve made two versions to share with you. A peplum & a dress.

Come sew with me and see:

  • How to prep some of the pattern pieces: binding, stabilising, block fusing
  • General construction
  • How to sew the bodice to the skirt
  • How to sew scallop hem & facing
  • How to sew neckline binding & more

These are the specs of my 2 projects

  • Size XL
  • full bust
  • Lengthened the bodice by 1” front & back
  • Lengthened the skirt by 2.5”
  • Fabrics: Navy 100% rayon. Print Crepe.


2 Luna cami & dress

I had a dream and the Luna lounge set was perfect to make it come true: A lace overlay black cami with a little something extra. I used the cami pattern and came up with NOT a basic. I’m also sharing a cool hounds tooth print sundress I made using the nightie pattern. I had too much fun & am excited to share.

Come sew with me and see:

  • Front stretch lace overlay with a “square neckline”
  • Simple change to the front to make a V
  • Binding with flat edge inside (can be raw or serged)
  • Alternate binding using bra rings & strapping


  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Added 1” length to cami & nighty above the height of the bust
  • Lace overlay
  • Main fabrics: athletic knits
  • Leather look jersey binding.

La Bella donna top

La bella dona top is such a quick and comfy knit design, perfect to show off pretty prints and hacks are fun too. There are sleeve length options and neckline options. I’ve sewn them all! This is my 10th version! I’ve used a beautiful applique on the front neckline, and you can do this too! This takes the garment to a non-basic. This black version goes with everything.

Come sew with me and see:

  • Testing the “fit” of the applique
  • Adapting the neckline to match the applique
  • Sewing the applique
  • Finishing the back neckline
  • Cutting away the fabric under the applique
  • Previous LBD Videos on my channel HERE


  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Added 1 1/4” length to above the bust point
  • Athletic knit
  • Thrifted applique, non stretch

2 Olympia dresses

The Olympia dress has an amazing design and fit. The classic fit and flare where the “flare” of the skirt is just right. Not too much. There are cup sizes A-DD and it makes a difference. These are my latest, both sleeveless.


  • Size XL
  • C cup
  • Rayon Spandex & Pique knit with good stretch

See the video I made about the Olympia for Love Notions Youtube channel here (full review & sewing tutorial). You can see how to sew the neckline in detail.


2 Harmony tops

I’ve used a thrifted applique to add something special to the Harmony blouse . I’ve done something similar with the La Bella Donna (a knit pattern) and this time sewn on a woven pattern. It’s no the same method. The technique is easy and you’ll get a pretty, neat and durable finish. I was also able to squeak one out for my mum too.


  • Mum’s is size M with a full bust option and the dart is 1” lower
  • Mine is size XL with the standard bust option and the dart is 3/8” lower
  • 100% rayon print & black rayon/linen blend fabrics
  • Both sleeveless
  • See ho to sew an applique onto a knit top or dress HERE
  • See all my Harmony blouses in this playlist

4 Sybil collection skirts

Relaxed sewing was needed and I made 4 NEW skirts from the Sybil skirts collection.. I had already made 10 versions in the past and that goes to show how well this pattern can serve us! 7 Comfy knit skirt patterns in one! Pencil, A line, Gored, Swing, Pleated, Swing, Asymmetrical wrap, Dropped yoke with a flounce….. This time, I chose small leftovers that were just enough to make the skirts. That means that I could live life “matchy matchy” if I’m feeling the vibe. See how to sew them in my video.

  • Size XL
  • Length adjustments
  • Scuba knits have been left raw (no hems)


Luna Cami basic

I used the cami pattern in the Luna lounge set to sew a basic grey cami. It’ll be a staple layering piece. I modified the front shape to have a V neckband instead and you can see it under some of my Aria shirts here. This is part of a mini capsule collection I made using burgundy and grey. See how you can add your own V neckband to anything HERE.

Summer Caye pants

These are my latest Summer Caye pants in burgundy linen. They are part of a mini capsule collection and on this episode of my channel, you’ll find it’s filled with great sewing footage and inspiration for you. The tulip hem cuff is amazing and you can sew them too! To see more about the mini capsule, see THIS VIDEO. In these photos, I’ve paired them with my Octave coat and Terra tunic.

  • Size 18
  • Added 1 ¼” to the front and back rise
  • Added 1 ¼” length to the front leg only
  • Linen 55% rayon 45% blend, cotton lawn lining
  • See HERE how to sew these pockets
  • See HERE how to sew the flat front elasticated back waistband
  • Enjoy my pants fitting series HERE

2 Aria Shackets

I had made 5 Aria Shirts in April and decided t make more because the pattern is just so great. I’ve included them in my fun fall mini capsule collection. One has a tulip hem hack on the sleeve to mimic the Summer caye pants, and the other is a “shacket” of my dreams. This episode is filled with great sewing footage and inspirations for you.

  • Size XL full bust
  • Fabric: Linen 55% rayon 45% blend, cotton lawn lining
  • Medium weight suiting
  • Tulip cuffs hem hack

2 Arlington tops

Some basics for layering can have cute amazing details and I’ve been inspired by some top designer RTW to do this myself. All you need are some lovely metal buttons and a contrast knit! I’ve made 2 new Arlington top & dress using rib knit, a mock turtle neckline plus faux shoulder and cuff plackets with buttons. It’s so easy, I promise. Let’s have some fun.

  • Size XL
  • full bust option
  • Fabric: Rib knit
  • The faux plackets are 1 ¾” (4.5cm) by the length required
  • See how to sew all the neckline options HERE

2 Legato jeans

Jeans can be super satisfying and you can make some! The New Legato jeans have lots of fitting options that are going to help you get the best fit. From height options, straight and curvy waist fit and flat & full bottom adjustments all ready done! You’ll find the classic 5 pockets, yoke and a classic straight fit from the knee down. Some stretch denim will give you the comfort you need. In my video, we go over the details, fitting, fabric choice, blending sizes and more!

  • Size 18
  • Tall height option
  • Added 3/8” to the front rise
  • Added 1 ¼” length to the jeans
  • Curvy yoke and curved waistband
  • ”regular” back crotch extension
  • Fabric: Stretch Denim: Cotton 98% & Lycra 2%

Helpful videos:

  • How to sew the zipper fly on the Legato Jeans HERE
  • How to sew jeans, any pattern. Masterclass HERE


Presto blouse

You can use good quality quilting cotton to make garments! Yup you can! I made the Presto tunic with quilting cotton and it was a very enjoyable process. Cotton is easy to work with and manipulate and any detail like collars, darts and plackets will be a breeze!

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust option
  • 3” shorter, front evened out to be the same as the back hem length *
  • Sleeveless *Quilting cotton (100% cotton)
  • Sewed on the buttons.
  • Neckline finished with bias tape and my head fits easily.

Helpful videos:

  • See how to sew the banded collar and front panels HERE
  • See how to sew the pintuck panel HERE
  • See all the videos about the Presto tunic HERE
  • Master class on banded collars HERE
  • How to sew bias binding on necklines and armholes HERE

Compose Robe

I made a cozy winter robe using the Compose robe . I’d made cute summer versions in the past and this time, I chose a gorgeous sweater knit and decided to line the hood as something extra. I have never sewn an unlined hood before. See how to line to hood to get extra warmth and to also enclose the seams for a neat look because a robe is worth it too!

  • Size XL
  • Standard bust
  • Knee length option with 1” extra length
  • 2” extra to length of sleeves for extra long look
  • Eliminated center back seam
  • No pockets
  • Sewed the ties to the side seams permanently
  • Lined hood to enclose seams & add warmth


Tranquil “joggers” & “sweater”

The Tranquil pajamas are the cutest pjs out there! They can also be much much more! I made a sweater and a pair of athletic pants using this pattern and I’ll be super comfy… not pjs but using a pj pattern. I’m sharing how to easily transform the overlapped details at the hem to a regular hem both for the pants and sleeves. Also, how to add a cool and big patch pocket. For the top: I’m adding cuffs and a easy to sew split hem band.

  • Top is XL standard bust
  • Pants are Large for a closer fit. It should be XL
  • Added 2.5” length to legs and 2” to the sleeves
  • Sweater knit and athletic knit
  • Added yoga waistband to the pants
  • Added patch pockets to the pants

Helpful videos

  • How to sew a yoga waistband HERE
  • How to sew the neckline & overlapped details of the Tranquil pj HERE

North Star Pullover

I made the North Star pullover & hoodie . Love Notions has a trio of patterns for the whole family with the same design: Navigator for kids, Constellation for women and the North Star for men. This is a special gift and my dad deserves it and so much more for the loving, stable presence he’s had and continues to have in my life. I’ve added some extra details to the original design (patch pockets)

  • Size XL blended in to a Large at the hips
  • Added 1.5″ length to the front and back pieces
  • Collar option
  • Self made rectangle patch pockets with flaps
  • Fabrics: Sweat-shirting with matching rib knit & details in denim.

Whew! that was a lot of sewing! I always repeat Love Notions patterns, not only because all the patterns have many options but also because they are super cute and wearable styles. Once I have done the fitting to customise the fit to my body, it’s also fun to add or take away details too. 

I hope you enjoyed this one click roundup. This can serve as inspiration and as a resource for your own sewing. Happy sewing and happy 2023!

Love Notions Site wide 30% OFF sale runs from the 2nd to the 6th of January 2023. Get all your favorites HERE with my affiliate link 🙂 Use the Code Lifting10 at checkout for 10% OFF every day and even during sales.

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